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Air Cooler(Stainless-Steel,Carbon Steel)

Recovery of Waste Heat

Recovery of Waste Heat 1

Recovery of Waste Heat 1

Air Cooler for Recovery of Waste Heat 1
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Air Cooler for Recovery of Waste Heat 1


 Air Cooler
Dscription YH   Recovery of Waste Heat
Parameters External Size:0.5×1 m - 4×12m             
Ventilated Type:  Natural                                        
Type of Drive:   Electric motor                                            
Operating Pressure(Mpa):0.1-25                                            
Feature/structure  Heat Rejection Module: Outer finned round tube                                                           
Tube Rows:2-30rows                                       
Layout:  Horizontal、Vertical
Application Gas heat recycle
Advantage Multi finned tube combination has improved efficiency of waste heat recovery,and can reduce noise 25dB.
Maintenance 1) Raise blade angle in summer according to engine load to increase air flow. 
Blade and bolt must be tightened after adjusting the angle.
2) Remove the dirt and foreign matters between fin plates annually. 
As to gas tubes bundles, remove the foreign matters through 
process port according to the local temperament, 
to avoid affecting heat exchange effect of fin-and-tube.
3) Check bolts of each part for loose once every 3 months.
4) Do not allow excessively pressure running. 
5) As to operation and maintenance for motor and fan, please refer to their instructions.